How do I put the sleeping bag back in the compression sack?

How to stuff a sleeping bag into the compression sack

How to stuff a Mammoth sleeping bag into the compression sack

Written Instructions

Just stuff the bag in the sack. It will fit. But there are a few tricks:

  • Fold bag in half lengthwise before you start, but do not roll it. Rolling adds bulk.
  • Start with the foot end of bag so you don't trap air in the bag while you stuff.
  • As you put the bag in the sack, turn the sack slightly after each stuff. This helps the sack fill up evenly.
  • When you get the whole bag stuffed in, pull the drawstring to keep it closed and tuck the round protective flap into the hole, so no part of bag is exposed.

To further compress your sleeping bag, tighten down the side straps one strap at a time working your way around the compression sack.

NOTE: Extreme compression is fine for a single trip when you're trying to make space in your pack, but do not store your bag for long periods fully compressed in this manner as you may damage the fill and reduce warmth.

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